Wednesday, June 10, 2009

NV Series Configurable Power Supply

Comprehensive review of the powerful and adaptable NV Series of power supplies from TDK-Lambda Americas. These power supplies are 1U high, have up to 90% efficiency, active power factor correction, up to 8 outputs, no minimum loads and medical approvals.

PFE Series Brick Power Supply

This video describes an innovative new AC-DC power module (PFE Series) that combines in a single pcb-mountable brick the major functions of an AC-DC power supply including input rectifiers, PFC circuits, switchmode converter, and provides a tightly regulated DC output.

Redundant Power Systems (FPS Series)

Provide increased output power by connecting two or more power supplies in parallel. We have also covered how to construct an N+1 Redundant and Fault-Tolerant Power System and the features required of the supplies in order to accomplish this with the greatest amount of reliability and ease of system maintenance.

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