Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Simplify Power Supply Decisions via Free Mobile App

It seems endemic that the final specifications for a power supply to run most new product designs tend to be firmed-up near the final stages of product development. Too often, this occurs when schedules have already slipped. As a result, there tends to be little time allocated to this important task. This happens so frequently that in the trade it has nicknamed ‘the tailpipe syndrome.’

Now, a fast and easy method for the selection of a power supply for your latest new product is as close as your smartphone. TDK-Lambda’s new mobile app works with Android and iPhones to greatly simplify this process. Say ‘goodbye’ to turning catalog pages or running tedious internet searches. The app has been shown to quickly guide the user to a power supply that meets their exact needs. To access this app, go to wbxapp.com/tdk-lambda. After the app loads, just press the AC power plug symbol. This app makes the selection process as easy as 1-2-3:

Step 1. Select Your Application:
LEDs, Medical, General Industrial, Comms, Test & Measure, or Military/COTS

Step 2. Select Your Power Range:
1-25W, 26-50W, 51-150W, 151-600W, or 600W & Higher

Step 3. Select from Available Products:
A number of power supply series that meet your Application and Power Range will be offered. Just click on any of these to view the specs and even detailed datasheets.

Quick Results:
In this example, we needed a Medical power supply with three (3) outputs and a total output power of 600-watts. The NV Series meets these requirements.

More Features:
This unique app includes quick links to YouTube (for power supply demo videos) and to Twitter (for new product info).

Additional information about this handy mobile app and other AC-DC power supplies, power racks, customized solutions, and DC-DC converters, is available at http://www.us.tdk-lambda.com/lp/
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