Wednesday, August 8, 2007

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The purpose of this blog is to provide end-users of AC-DC Power Supplies and DC-DC Converters with useful information regarding product applications, helpful hints, news, comments, and answers to your questions. My focus is on modern switch-mode power products in the range of 1 to 3,000-watts.

My goal is to provide OEM designers, who select power products for their end-products, and purchasing agents, who buy these devices, with a valuable resource to assist you in making decisions involving power solutions for your next and/or existing products.

I hope you find this website and blog informative and useful. You are invited to contact me with your questions and comments.

Thank You,
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Mike Weller said...

Very good, food for thought.

Anonymous said...

Question. I'm making a very sensitive signal monitoring system to be installed in Power Plants. The previous Device worked fine. It was inside a DIN Rail Enclosure with 2 HWS100 Lambdas on the AC side feeding it 2 voltages.
My new version has 2 KWS bricks on the PCB. The previous version seems to have better noise isolation than my new one. Is this noise issue easy to overcome?

Anonymous said...

Hi Anonymous,
If you are now using "power bricks" you may need to install external EMI filtering components on the input to the bricks. Lambda's HWS Series have EMI filters built into the supplies.
You should contact Lambda Tech Support if the power bricks are from Lambda. I'm sure they can help you.

Anonymous said...

I have a question about overload condition. normally, for linear power supply, a current overload due to an increase in load will cause a gradual drop in voltage output. but for SMPS, the power will shut down when the total load current reaches 110% of nominal current. So, how to let switch mode power supply withstand around 20ms overload condition(10 times output current) with low cost?

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